For Donors

APAP Donor Services:

APAP offers a unique range of services, all based on global best practices, to development agencies and/or financial institutions, foundations and other philanthropic organizations, NGOs, and related organizations active in the Asia Pacific region.

These include:

  • Program design and structuring to meet your development policy objectives or philanthropic goals
  • Undertaking innovative pilots
  • Extending the scale and scope of existing programs
  • Overlay monitoring and reporting services to make existing programs and projects more efficient and effective
  • Co-financing arrangements and financial structuring of complex multi-partner programs

APAP can help you to:

  • Access sophisticated high-impact development opportunities in Asia Pacific without costly and lengthy in-house development
  • Increase your agency or fund’s influence and impact in a key strategic region
  • Find and work with the best implementing agencies on the ground for your program or project
  • Improve your ability to co-finance programs and projects with leading bilateral and multilateral global development partners and specialty funds (e.g. for climate and disaster resilience)
  • Increase the capacity of your agency or fund to use best practices in development and aid project management
  • Bring your reporting & data management capacity to top global standards

APAP can support you in:

  • Developing member countries of the Asian Development Bank
  • Developing economies which are members of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)
  • Pacific rim countries of Latin America
  • Coastal + Island  developing member countries of the Islamic Development Bank