Programs & Projects

APAP Coastal Communities Program
 (Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands)

Coastal Communities Program Map of PHI MAL INO

This is a regional food security program to:

  • Promote replenishment of devastated fish stocks & reef regeneration
  • Improve funding & management of marine protected areas
  • Build resilience & develop new sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities

Fish    bacolod

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APAP Pacific Climate and Disaster Resilience Project Readiness Program  (CDR-PReP)
 ( American Samoa, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Samoa and other low-lying Small Island Devloping States in the Pacific)

climate threat

Low-lying Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific face extinction and loss of their economic zones due to rising sea levels and destructive storms brought on by climate change.

APAP is seeking to:

  • Foster innovative responses to preserve the culture of the islands as well as their exclusive economic zones and natural capital
  • Bring together the financial and technical resources needed to address this imminent humanitarian crisis.

drowning kid          kid with poster

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APAP Urban Climate Resilience Small Projects Fund
 (Cities in Asia Pacific Region)


Cities across Asia Pacific, especially along coasts and rivers,  are among the world’s most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.  APAP’s Urban Climate Resilience Fund will:

  • Aggregate small local Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) investment projects (average $2.5m per project) into a regional fund
  • Financial structuring after screening and selection from existing donor pipelines, funding and monitoring implementation
  • Provide larger donors with an efficient platform for funding multiple smaller projects grouped by country, project type, CCA solution, or other criteria corresponding to their funding restrictions / preferences

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APAP Development Cloud
 (Solutions platform for large regional programs)

Dev Cloud

Complex development programs with multiple donors, stakeholders, implementing agencies, countries, projects, sub-projects and multilevel M&E frameworks need sophisticated information management in order to run successfully and have their intended impacts.

APAP’s Development Cloud project aims at more efficient, effective and transparent aid program management in the region through a technology-enabled solution which includes:

  • Online collaborative project preparation, management, budgeting and marketing, with templates to assist rapid and accurate project scoping, preparation, and reporting
  • Ability to roll up technical, financial and impact data across all projects and subprojects for efficient program-level planning, funding, management and stakeholder reporting
  • Technical support and capacity-building on project preparation and funding available for all program staff from oversight bodies and senior officials to local community organizations involved with project sites

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APAP Youth for a Sustainable Future

APAP’s Youth for a Sustainable Future Program is a coordination platform for youth who wish to become involved in development projects on a volunteer basis either in their home countries or in other countries.  They can play many valuable roles, including:

  • Field data gathering through surveys, census, sampling techniques, using handheld devices to capture and transmit data
  • Other field work such as staffing meetings, workshops, distributing educational or information materials, carrying out sampling, etc.
  • Can overlay any development project in which an element of the work which needs to be done can be carried out by trained volunteers
  • APAP seeks to provide: recruitment, screening, training, supervision, management of research, results reporting

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