Coastal Communities Program

coralsA support program for small coastal communities (7,000 population avg.) in the Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands responsible for managing small Marine Protected Areas – small coral and fish sanctuaries in a local bay or surrounding a small island, or otherwise close to shore. MPAs are under the protection of the nearest town or village, but those communities are generally not well-prepared or organized to manage these effectively.

To relieve pressure on fish stocks and allow for regeneration of marine resources (and thus build food security in the Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands, we will focus on training coastal communities in how to manage their MPAs, establish new sustainable livelihoods other than fishing, assist with funding and building necessary local “micro-infrastructure” (e.g. jetties, monitoring stations, eco-tourism / eco-hospitality facilities, climate-proofing existing structures for disaster resilience, and assisting with regeneration of coral, fish, invertebrates, and mangroves.


Sectors: Food security, Poverty,
Climate resilience, Environment,
Marine conservation

Target Area: Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands

Funding Goal: varies with scope of program activities

Structure: Multi-donor trust with donor governance committee

Activities: local infrastructure, training,   microfinance, technology, coral and fish species  regeneration, coastal reforestation, governance,   promotion of mariculture & ecotourism