Pacific Climate and Disaster Resilience Project Readiness Program


Sectors: Climate change adaptation, disaster risk management, humanitarian response

Target Area: Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific e.g. American Samoa, Cook Islands, Kiribati, Samoa, Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, etc.

Funding Goals:

Phase 1: Planning  – USD 1.5 million (2018 operating budget for project preparation)

Phase 2: Projects Detailed Design –  To Be Determined

Phase 3: Implementation – To Be Determined

Structure: Core Management Team + Program Review Committee. Specialist project team members to be procured as needed.

Kir 2Activities:

  • Advisory and project preparation support services:
    • Systematic and rigorously structured project preparation process;
    • Investment programming and prioritization in support to SIDS ministries and agencies (for nationally funded project components) and marketing of financing proposals to potential investors and funders (for externally funded projects);
    • Preparation of roadmaps and pre-feasibility studies for high priority investment projects, with focus on identification of potential private sector involvement in early stages of project definition and structuring projects for such involvement;
    • Strengthening local institutions so that they can more effectively plan and implement projects; and
  • Assistance with downstream project development, financing, and implementation:
    • Financing of the costs for detailed feasibility / engineering studies and later-stage preparation of individual projects
    • Capital investment for the implementation of projects prepared through the CDR-PReP process
  • Coordination with existing Pacific donors, regional programs and organisations: Regular coordination with major Pacific development partners (such as World Bank and Asian Development Bank and regional donor governments including Australia and New Zealand), sources of climate finance (e.g. GCF, SCF, and CIF, and the various ADB climate trust funds and regional technical assistance programs), as well as with Pacific regional organizations such as CROP, PRIF, SPC, SPREP, and USP.
  • Platform: All SIDS’ project information will be managed using APAP’s comprehensive dedicated project portfolio management platform. It will also serve as a collaboration and technical assistance delivery platform for all stakeholders, including program and project funders to technical assistance providers, to national oversight bodies, to individual national project teams. This is expected to significantly reduce project management and facility management costs by enabling remote service delivery. All project and program data will be publishable in IATI format for use by all parties in their own public reporting.